Friday, December 30, 2016

Butternut and Red Bell Pepper Soup.

Dear Reader,

I'm not supposed to eat butternut because it is full of starch and sugar, but you know what? It is winter and there is nothing like butternut to give you that warm, cosy, comfort food feeling. So, I cheated, but not like a crazy person. I ate it with a side of ham, and didn't eat bread with it, so I hope that balanced things out. Otherwise, we'll call it a cheat meal. :)

Butternut and Red Bell Pepper Soup! (Serves 4)


1 Butternut
1 Big Red Bell Pepper or 1.5 (Medium Sized)
0.25 tsp Chilli Flakes
0.25 Ground Coriander Seeds
0.25 tsp Paprika
0.25 tsp Dried Origano
0.25 tsp Dried Thyme
0.25 Garam Masala
I cup Chicken stock (Or 1 cube Chicken stock in 1 Cup hot water)
25g Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste.


So, so easy...

Throw everything together in one pot. Let it boil in a medium heat until the butternut is cooked and soft. Using a hand blender (or any blender, although a hand blender is best) blitz everything until it is smooth, creamy and velvety.

Do note: Do not add too much moisture in this recipe. You want a creamy texture, not a watery soup, and when cooked, pumpkin releases a bit of moisture, so 1 cup is enough, or add more if the mixture is too think.

And, the most important instruction of all, eat, eat, eat! Put some in a bowl, eat with ham if you can because the combination is really good, as the ham adds a dimension to the butternut and visa versa.



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